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Open letter to anyone feeling not good enough, like a failure and constantly judging self...

Burnt Out And Overwhelmed? Turn Your Life Around Now... The fastest way to 

Break Free, Discover Your Own Missing  Masterpiece, life golden thread
and design the life you want!

...Our Bestselling Purpose Discovery Training Guide "WHY THE YOU?" Reveals How To find that one-thing that stands you out and the career that connects with it to generate massive Wealth

Dear Friend:

In a few seconds, I will hand over to you the 100% Purpose Discovery Training Guide that will guarantee you
succeed with your life every time.

If you read this little letter to the end, you will discover “3 deadliest mistakes that many people make when
pursuing purpose” that can exponentially reduce drastically your uncertainties so you can get a mind blowing
results with your life.

Not only that, I will also show you how to profit from your purpose and the kind of career to pursue that suits
your uniqueness.


Do you sometimes feel...

Overwhelmed and Out of Control?

Sometimes, you have the feeling that there’s something deeper you could be a part of.

You feel the pull towards something, but you can’t exactly pin it down—it eludes you and frustrates you.

You’re not really sure how to find purpose in life.

You always feel like you're out of touch and a lack of clarity as to what to do with your life when have time to do something...

Always feeling alone in the process...

feel like you don’t have the time to pursue meaning...

If your answer to any of this is yes, then you need to read the next line very carefully

Listen, even if it may seem you're wandering, wondering what your life mission is... 

But you want to




>>fell like what you're doing is naturally meant for you alone,


>>pumped, connected & in tune about yourself with a thirst for life that you haven’t felt since you were a child…

I can assure you that if you read this letter to the end and apply the things recommend, then in few months from now your New Self will thank you for this decision.

Here's why:

I painstakingly poured into a 118 pages Purpose Discovery Guide "WHY THE YOU?" revealing the hidden secrets of discovering your purpose. A solution so powerful, so fast and attacks confusion, frustration so ruggedly WITHOUT you having to wonder what is about your life and PARALYZED BY FEAR ever again.

"I would be very truthful to you; I only attained clarity of purpose when I encountered the exceptional book, WHY THE YOU? If there is a book you need to read NOW, it is this bestseller, WHY THE YOU? The book does not just ask the question, but also answers your question, by guiding you step by step to a place of clarity and understanding of your purpose..." Obi Raphael Jr. Philosopher and Programmer, Urban University, Italy.

You might have heard stories from writers, musicians, highly successful people who have felt their calling throughout their entire lives;


the Mozarts of the world who have pursued their purpose/calling from the moment they were out of the womb.

Deep down you wish you had this “knowing” to pull you forward.

Frankly, you do:

all it takes is a little digging to uncover the masterpiece lurking beneath the surface waiting to be released.


All the celebrities you secretly admire, follow on the social media, read their books, watch their videos, listen to their audios have one thing in common...

They all slowly chipped away the stone to reveal their own masterpiece underneath.

They were simply desperate, hungry to uncover their gold lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be released.

Otherwise you wouldn't have heard about about them

They All Discovered Their Missing Masterpiece

The I first day in my life I got a call from a client in the United States for a purpose discovery session, I felt like I was in a dream. Then got paid in hard currency I felt like a super-hero...

I can't just forget that day in a hurry. 

The feelings of "Wow! I Got It. I'm There"

On and on people started reaching out to me via the social media and personally on phone waiting to discover what makes their lives relevant and even pay for. 

Finally, I thought to myself, so this stuff really, works!

But I went through thorns and loneliness to get to that point.

I was a raging blaze of frustrated angst.

Something was missing.

Something crucial.

That something was ‘purpose’ my life’s masterpiece, the golden thread simply lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be released.

Or rather, the total lack of it.

I would wake up most mornings and face the existential dread of living a life without purpose. The yawning, gaping void where purpose should be, left me in a constant state of frustration, emptiness and anxiety.

No matter how good my life was, I could never relax and enjoy it. Whatever successes I did have, paled in comparison to the spectacular failure I thought I was.

Because as long as my purpose remained undiscovered, I could never be at peace in the world.

I felt worthless. I felt the burden of not being able to solve this unbearable problem. A cloud of depression and self-pity hung over me like a thick, heavy cloak.

I went on to reading and studying many books on purpose discovery...

But the words of those books sliced me to the core. They all spoke precisely to the nauseating truth I was all too painfully aware of:

I was living a “weakened, impotent existence”.

It was all so frustrating. Because besides repeating “find your purpose” over and over again, none of them gave me a clue how to do that.

They all unanimously screamed on top of their voices...

"find your purpose...I can’t give you any new information”

Cue the jaded cynicism.

And cue the simultaneous harsh judgment and deep envy I felt for those men taking life by the balls and pursuing their dreams.

I so desperately wanted what they seemed to have:

The conviction, confidence and self-assurance of a life with purpose…


The magnetism, presence and vitality…

And the power and courage to be master of my kingdom.

I wanted it bad.

But I had no idea how to get it.

In the end, it was something I stumbled my way through for many years.

long years of not feeling good enough, of constantly judging myself, and feeling like a failure.

                                           Ultimately that’s the journey I had to go on.

But if I’m really honest with myself, there was a lot of unnecessary misery, heartache, and frustration.

Looking back, I’ve realized that there were some big mistakes that I was making.

Deadly, Painful, and Time-wasting mistakes.

If I reverse back in time there are some important lessons I’d have wanted myself to know. If I had the chance to warn myself of the three deadliest mistakes I was making, this is the conversation I’d have.

Whether you are a...



Career Coach...


Life Coach Or

You know someone who

Is struggling to find their purpose, fulfillment in life and inner peace...?

Here are a few lessons that may serve you on your journey too.

Finding Your Purpose Is Not About What You Do Alone

You’re going about this the wrong

You think that your purpose is about doing something specific. 

You were made to believe that if you could just find the thing to do, you’d feel better. I get it. You desperately want to do that one thing that can give you a sense of relief from the desperation

Though taking action is very Important but beneath what you do is...

Your feelings

When you most times talk about goals or outcomes, have you ever asked yourself “why do I want this?”

Nine times out of ten the answer will be something like “because I want to feel ________”

The action hopefully leads to a desired feeling

If there were no obstacles in your way, no roadblocks stopping you from living the life you most want, what would that look like?

Imagine the highest, most idealized, empowered, heart-centered, connected, all-knowing, god-king kind of yourself!

  • Who is he?
  • What does he feel?
  • What’s important to him?
  • What does he value?
  • How does he live his life?
  • By what ideals does he live that life?
  • What vision guides him?
  • What is his Code of Honour?

Getting clear on these answers will super-charge your ability to find your purpose.

Your Purpose Isn’t a Place

I get it.

You’re standing there, map in hand, trying to figure it all out:

“How do I get from ‘Point A’ – frustration and failure, to ‘Point Z’ – purpose and success?”

The truth is, your purpose isn’t about a destination.

Your purpose is not some place where you can plant your flag in the ground and loudly declare


Live the life you’re already living now. And, live it impeccably

It’s not the giant leaps forward that are most significant. Don’t get me wrong, they are great

But rather the small, consistent challenges faced and overcome.

So instead of looking at the never-ending options and feel overwhelmed...

simply identify the next best action.

Instead of “how do I get to Z?”, ask “where is B?”

It really is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

Stop overthinking it and twisting yourself up in knots. Let go a little.

Do the thing that’s right in front of you, and do it with conviction. You’ll find options opening up that you couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

I understand you're here because...

You want Results

  • You want a simple, proven, step-by-step strategy you can implement as fast as possible to start moving your life forward,

  • You want a business, career, job aligns with your purpose and make you fulfilled doing it 


  • You want other people with a similar purpose find their way into your life automagically

  • You want to have a community of people who have your back and want to see you succeed

  • you want that feeling of being on cloud nine just kind of quietly lingers above your head.

Most of the stuffs you study online makes it look difficult, hard and looks like a rocket science


you may be wondering if I'm another person trying give you another B.S, baseless motivational shits that just doesn't work and you can't implement. that leaves worst than you were

One interesting thing to know is that...

I can and want to help you finally find your Life's Missing Rib as fast as possible

But here's a challenge

I really don't have time to personally attend to thousands of people asking for my attention and I always feel guilty to keep refusing their request

And to clear myself from this 

I have compiled all my secrets that anyone can implement to discover purpose into my New Purpose Discovery Guide "WHY THE YOU?"

WHY THE YOU? is a no-hold-button Purpose Discovery Training Guide (Book) that I put together to give you everything I've painstakingly implemented that took me to finally discover myself and achieve mind blowing results

Francis Ukah @Francis Ukah 10h

This book, WHY THE YOU? speaks volumes to the subject matter of self discovery and mastery. This is very important because the mastery of self precedes the mastery of purpose.
Rachael G. Onyemairo has done a significant amount of justice to one of the leading but somewhat silent problems of third world nations- misplaced and displaced careers. This price resource provides a lorry load of solutions to problems of self-discovery, self-developemnt, how to make the right career choices and more.




I can tell you there's nothing like this currently in the marketplace


My name is Juliet Ifunanya Eze. I am a Self-esteem Coach, Peer Moral Sex Educator and a Writer. Mrs. Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo is a God sent and a lady of substance, who knows her onion.

It's been months now, that I discovered my purpose through her mentorship. And those months have been the best months of my life so far.

A lot of life's confusions have disappeared and things have become clearer with new and innovative ideas birthed. For instance, it was after going through her Purpose Discovery Mentorship that I knew exactly what I wanted to do in terms of my brand.

I have always known what I didn't want to go into but couldn't lay my hand on what exactly I wanted. My passion to help people overcome the challenge of low self-esteem was borne after my encounter with her.

I call her (Mrs. Rachael) a Catalyst Coach, because somehow, she has a way of speeding up things when it comes to making your life better. You cannot come in contact with her and remain the same, except you don't have an open mind.

With Mrs. Rachael, life begins to make more sense. I don't know how she does it, but Rachael has mastered the art of being result-oriented. In other words, result is guaranteed once she works with you towards discovering your purpose which is paramount if you want to live a fulfilled life. I mean, it baffled me that in just few weeks, I was able to discover my purpose through her help. That was after listening to talks and reading books on purpose discovery without results. Sometimes, we just need a guide and that was exactly what Mrs. Rachael did for me. I knew I needed to discover my purpose but I didn't know how until God brought her my way. And I have never regretted meeting her kind of person. Mrs. Rachael is a Professional Purpose Discovery and Career Mentor. She is down to earth, empathic, honest, patient and simple by nature. She is simply amazing and a gift to this generation and generations to come. To crown it all, she is a lover of God.

Juliet Ifunanya Eze  /Self-esteem Coach, Peer Moral Sex Educator and Writer

I am very grateful to God for granting me access to the Purpose Discovery Mentorship course run by a gifted heart- Mrs Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo, whom I call Dr Rach.

It's overwhelming the ignorance and confusion that encompasses a life without purpose. There are a lot of writings and talks on discovering purpose but haven't laid my hands on any that is practical enough.
Some speakers talk on what they themselves have not experienced, hence it's hard to practically bring it on to hungry hearts. Many of us listeners have practiced all the fast and hard rules with no results.

When I got enrolled in Mrs. Rachael's course, I felt it was going to be facts as usual but the session went from the obvious facts to a soul X-ray and then to discernment with the help of the holy spirit.
I wasn't just equipped to know where I belong but I got closer to the one who has the blue print to the entire chase- the Almighty God.

I recommend this course to singles, because it's disastrous to marry when you are strange to yourself.
I recommend the course to parents, so they can understand the nitty gritty of raising children with purpose.
I recommend the course to all who want to go far in life, because one's understanding of purpose is one's understanding of one's life.

BLESSING NWAZULU  //  Microbiologist, Clinical Researcher and Statistician. Forex Trader 

I love seeking knowledge. I read informative and educative content. I attend free webinars too.
But, for the first time in my life, I followed someone on social media consistently for some months and my personality changed completely... The moment the Coach (My Role Model) showed up the first day at INNOVATORS iSPACE, my confusion disappeared... started seeing the rising of my STAR .I AM AWAKENED...
Just six days in class, the IDEAS that have dropped into my mind are numerous.
I have started executing those IDEAS. You might not see them online but I am doing excellently well offline. I am Impacting lives. Patiently watch out for my rising on this space too

Follow Rachael G. Onyemairo. She has the spirit of excellence that is contagious. You need her course; I am serious.


Emmanuel Uche  // CEO Elpat Consultancy Servicies

I have not in a very long time picked up a book and finished reading it the same day. I am not no talking about a pamphlet or small report, I mean a book of above 100 pages. Except "WHY THE YOU?" by Mrs Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo.

She wrote a blueprint. It's indeed a roadmap for anyone who seems to be confused about his/her life purpose. Or anyone who already know but do not know how to channel it to be useful.

I highly recommend the book "WHY THE YOU?" to everyone who truly desire to make a difference in life.

Go grab a copy and share your own testimony.

Without any iota of doubt or resentment I want to say, Mrs Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo you did a great job. Much grace.

I'm a Teacher, Writer, Speaker, an Online Relationship Counsellor, Mentor and Life Coach. 

I have known Rachael Ginikachuku Onyemairo for sometime now. She is a Mentor, an Innopreneurial Purpose Discovery and Business Coach per excellence.

She has helped many to redefine their reason for living by helping them to discover their purposes in life.

Having been a beneficiary of some of her value packed products and services, I gladly recommend her to anyone seeking: ✓ clarity and direction in life.

✓ to build a profitable global brand cum business

✓ a Mentor and a Life Coach;

✓ an Innovative way to make their business distinct from all others. Rachael has been able to distinguish herself amongst many.

She is a honest, passionate Consultant/Coach per excellence. Most importantly, her integrity is always alive. You can count on my words!

FELIX OGU, (M.Sc) // Writer, Speaker, Online Relationship Counsellor, Mentor and Life Coach.

My name is Mrs. Tabitha Ebenezer. I'm an Economist by profession. WHY THE YOU? is the best book to help you DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE.

This book is beyond an ordinary book; it is a divine message that gives answers to questions about WHY you exist.

Do you want to get clarity about why you were born?

How to help others discover their purposes?

How to choose a life career in alignment with your purpose? You need to read the book titled WHY THE YOU? authored by Rachael G. Onyemairo.


Mrs. Tabitha //  Economist

When you decide that my New Purpose Discovery Training Guide "WHY THE YOU?" is right for you and you're excited about finding the missing you this will be the biggest catalyst to becoming the person you've wanted to be.

You'll have the confidence and certainty that you can be dropped anywhere in the world where you're left alone with nothing but the skills and abilities you'll learn in "WHY THE YOU?" Training Guide and without any shadow of doubt know you can succeed beyond anyone's imagination.

You can be so sure of yourself that you can become an unstoppable force anywhere you find yourself.

Whether as a...


Young person,



Life/Career Coach, etc

Imagine being...

  • the person everyone in your space wants to connect with because of how influential you have become
  • listened to by thousands of people all over 
  • paid in high multiple figures for what you find joy doing
  • highly respected, admired and watched by many people making your inner circle members happy (Parents, Children, Husband, Wife) proud of you
  • having a special training guide that can help you start getting uncommon clarity and real result.

If that's what you really desire for yourself...

Then I tell you, certainly you'll love/need "WHY THE YOU?"

Here's a sneak peak of what WHY THE YOU? contains

How much is this Purpose Discovery Training Guide?

WHY THE YOU is not one of those cheap, round in the whole training guides out there

You can download rehashed, cheap books, videos or audios on YouTube and internet, you'll get what you go for and continue to regret not knowing where your life is heading to, living in circles of endless frustrations and emptiness. It's all your choice.

WHY THE YOU is a comprehensive, step-by-step approach that actually works. You don't have to spend countless hours, days, weeks, months and years, even thousands of money to get this kind of knowledge.

This guide is about cutting your curve from thousands of hours and money to 1-2hrs max. it's about making your razor sharp, giving your life clarity and meaning.

WHY THE YOU? isn't going to cost you N20,000 like other training guides out there.

You're not going to pay N15,000

You'll not even pay N10,000

When you invest in yourself for your New Self today, you can have me as your coach and mentor at a stretch with a 30 Days unlimited access to me for just N5,000 ONLY. But...

For The Next 5 Days ONLY you can get this guide with all the bonuses for a token of $6 (N2497)

Yes that's it. It's only N5,000 (Sharwama & Ice cream money) because I'm committed to making sure you have no excuse and any reason not to find Your Own Masterpiece and make Massive Success in any career you apply the skills in this Guide.


Here are exclusive bonuses you'll get when you get this training guide right away

>>Personal Virtual Access to Me Privately (N200,000)

>>Weekly Insider Question & Answers About Life Clarity & Purpose Discovery

>>Exclusive Access to 3 Almost illegal Special Reports on mindset, money and wealth that have personally transformed my life (N50,000). One of these special report shared 5 Key Secrets To the Kingdom of Massive Sales.

>>You get a full blown course on how to create animation video (N10,000).


You see you have no reason to fail. Even if you feel you don't want to start with purpose discovery, you have a skill book that can start paying you almost immediately while you now settle down to discover your uniqueness. Who knows you might find it here.

>>You also get access to an e-book creation guide. (10,000)

Imagine being an author of a book few moments from now. With this guide you can use your knowledge or experience to create a book people will gladly pay you for while you're on the pathway to Purpose Discovery.

Total Value = N270,000 

LIFE TIME 100% Money Back Guarantee

See I won’t be happy if you are not satisfied with this guide

No one with wants to waste money. I know you are making this INVESTMENT with your hard earned money And I respect that. That is why I’m giving you a Life time satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Now here is the deal. When you get this training guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Discovering Your Purpose and how to link your career to your purpose. Now if during this period, you follow my directions, do everything I ask you to do. Take your assignments and still realize my guide isn’t good for you because you aren’t getting the result you desire. . .

You are free to ask for your 100% amount you invested in the program. I mean every damn penny. And I’ll refund you immediately without asking much question. As long as I see you tried all I asked and you aren’t getting good results like you expect. I will totally return your money.

That’s not all, I will also allow you to keep the training guide + all the free bonuses for wasting your time and making you believe in something that didn’t work for you. How about That?

You can screenshot this guarantee to know how serious I am about this guide. And to show you that I’m 100% sure this system would work for you if you follow everything I say.

Limited One-time Offer Ends In:


You missed out!

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