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INNOVATORS iSPACE is a highly innovative online business institution where visionary entrepreneurs are mentored and coached to build globally relevant brands using their personality specifics and highly innovative business ideas. At the INNOVATORS iSPACE, purpose and self discovery session actually comes first. Here, we help the participants discover both themselves and their specific life’s purposes; found the type of business or problem solving areas that align with their purpose, passion, gifting, strength and entire calling in life. We take the matters of innovativeness and entrepreneur’s personality specifics very seriously because they are the two time proven edges with which any Post Covid19 entrepreneur can build a globally relevant brand and stand out in their industry. 

Section 1 (Weeks 1-2): Purpose Clarity

How to ascertain your specific life’s purpose

How to become the best entrepreneur through the discovery of your purpose

Section 2 (Weeks 3-4): Mindset Clinic

The most practical ways to discover yourself, personality and identity as a global entrepreneur

How to reinvent your entire life and brand through life visioning

Effective vision board creation and management for entrepreneurs

Uncommon goal setting strategy that works magic for me and other Post covid19 entrepreneurs

Smart focus management

Section 4 (Weeks 7-8): Entrepreneurial Innovativeness

How to master the art of entrepreneurial innovativeness

How to innovatively search for problems, spot and solve them

How to maximize the various stages or processes of entrepreneurial innovativeness

The entrepreneur’s journey and how to properly document it

How to handle entrepreneurial procedures, assessment and re-engineering (how to build the business into a system)

Section 5 (Week 9-10): The Convocation of the Alumni Innovators

How to chart the course of globally relevant and innovative entrepreneurship

Convocation ceremony

Who Should Enroll in INNOVATORS iSPACE?

Young people who aspire to make a difference in their communities and countries

Talented individuals

Digitally based entrepreneurs who are already battling with competition

Personal and business brands who obviously aspire to go global with their brands

Organizations and institutions who aspire to stand out globally through innovations and

Anyone who wants to get clarity of purpose and vision in their personal and professional life.

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