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Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo (Mrs.) is a Ph.D student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka where she studies Applied Linguistics. 
She is the the Director of the famous online business institution known as INNOVATORS iSPACE and the CEO of a tech-based business firm called Digital Spotlight Consults.
She is a Social Entrepreneur who authored the bestseller, WHY THE YOU?
Rachael is passionate about curbing the high rate of Africa’s unemployment. Consequently, she has helped thousands of young people discover their purposes, develop through relevant trainings like STEM and others, what they have discovered and deploy them to solving high paying problems outstandingly. She sees this as a way of promoting the SDGs 8 and 9.
In her burning passion to effect socioeconomic change among the African youths, she founded Young Heart Vision, Africa- an based NGO committed to training the minds and empowering the hands of people across the African continent, to enable them create jobs for themselves and others through problem solving approaches and skills that meet global standards. Rachael is the founder of YOUNG HEART VISION AFRICA WITH RACHAEL Facebook community.
To arm these youths with the 21st century problem solving skills, in March and April 2020, Rachael led her organization to collaborate with a tech-based company known as Pintle Solutions to train over 800 people from 23 countries, including United Arab Emirates, South Africa, UK, China, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, etc. on Apps Development.
In her bid to curb immigration and emigration crimes among Africans, on May 20, 2020, Rachael organized a travel abroad clarity session, where a UK based immigration and emigration expert, Mr. Robert E. Robert spoke to people from 23 countries 17 of which are Africa. This Clarity Session was held in her online community, “Young Heart Vision Africa with Rachael.” She ensured that the members learned the legitimate, safer and easier ways to travel abroad.
In July 2019, she also led her organization to partner with a STEM certified, multiply patented inventor, who is also a Harvard trained Research Director, Science Medicine Research Institute, Dallas Texas, USA, Prof. Alphonsus N. Ekwerike, to train young people from various African countries on STEMIE. 
In that same July 2019, she led her organization to collaborate with University of Nigeria Liaison Office, Abuja; Comfort Foundation, USA and Marcel Ofomata Foundation to campaign against suicide among undergraduates, where she shared stage with Dr. Marcel Ofomata, Prof. Chidi Onyia, Prof. Alphonsus N. Ekwerike, Prof. Nkechi Onyeneho and other global figures.
In September 2019, she singlehandedly trained over 50 corps members in Imo state, Nigeria on Achieving Lucrative Self Employment through Innovation.
In April 2019, she partnered with PeCap Development Centre to share how she discovered purpose and how to leverage the digital space for entrepreneurial benefits. 
She has helped over 3,000 young people start and run edupreneurship, fashionpreneurship, infomerce, book authorship and sales and lots more. She trains visionary individuals from Benin, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria to reproduce her impacts in their various countries and communities.
Rachael writes for businesses, corporate bodies and serves as the Personal Development Coach for high profile individuals in Nigeria and beyond. In 2019, she got published in the University of Nigeria Nsukka’s festschrift, where she wrote on Social Entrepreneurship.
Seeing her undeniable impacts, federal radio stations and reputable private ones in Nigeria as well as blogs (https://attainworld.blogspot.com/2020/01/young-heart-vision-africa-community-html) have profiled her.
Rachael has been invited to train for organizations, tertiary institutions, mega online communities and lots more on Purpose Discovery; Idea Creation and Management; Building High Profitable Online Business, etc.
Rachael is happily married to Mr. Promise D. Onyemairo and currently lives in Nigeria with her family.

Feedback & Reviews


I’m a Teacher, Writer, Speaker, an Online Relationship Counsellor,
Mentor and Life Coach.

I have known Rachael Ginikachuku Onyemairo for sometime now. She is a Mentor, an Innopreneurial Purpose Discovery and Business Coach per excellence.

She has helped many to redefine their reason for living by helping them to discover their purposes in life.

Having been a beneficiary of some of her value packed products and services, I gladly recommend her to anyone seeking:

✓ clarity and direction in life.
✓ to build a profitable global brand cum business
✓ a Mentor and a Life Coach;
✓ an Innovative way to make their business distinct from all others.

Rachael has been able to distinguish herself amongst many. She is a honest, passionate Consultant/Coach per excellence.

Most importantly, her integrity is always alive.
You can count on my words!


I am a Microbiologist, a Clinical Researcher and Statistician. I am a Forex Trader and Unique Problem Solver.

I am very grateful to God for granting me access to the Purpose Discovery Mentorship course run by a gifted heart- Mrs Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo, whom I call Dr Rach.

It’s overwhelming the ignorance and confusion that encompasses a life without purpose. There are a lot of writings and talks on discovering purpose but haven’t laid my hands on any that is practical enough. Some speakers talk on what they themselves have not experienced, hence it’s hard to practically bring it on to hungry hearts. Many of us listeners have practised all the fast and hard rules with no results.

When I got enrolled in Mrs Rachael’s course, I felt it was going to be facts as usual but the session went from the obvious facts to a soul X-ray and then to discernment with the help of the holy spirit.

I wasn’t just equipped to know where I belong but I got closer to the one who has the blue print to the entire chase- the Almighty God.

I recommend this course to singles, because it’s disastrous to marry when you are strange to yourself.

I recommend the course to parents, so they can understand the nitty gritty of raising children with purpose.

I recommend the course to all who want to go far in life, because one’s understanding of purpose is one’s understanding of one’s life.


I am a Self-esteem Coach, Peer Moral Sex Educator and a Writer.

Mrs. Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo is a God sent and a lady of substance, who knows her onion.

It’s been months now, that I discovered my purpose through her mentorship. And those months have been the best months of my life so far. A lot of life’s confusions have disappeared and things have become clearer with new and innovative ideas birthed.

For instance, it was after going through her Purpose Discovery Mentorship that I knew exactly what I wanted to do in terms of my brand.

I have always known what I didn’t want to go into but couldn’t lay my hand on what exactly I wanted.

My passion to help people overcome the challenge of low self-esteem was borne after my encounter with her.

I call her (Mrs. Rachael) a Catalyst Coach, because somehow, she has a way of speeding up things when it comes to making your life better. You cannot come in contact with her and remain the same, except you don’t have an open mind. With Mrs. Rachael, life begins to make more sense.

I don’t know how she does it, but Rachael has mastered the art of being result-oriented. In other words, result is guaranteed once she works with you towards discovering your purpose which is paramount if you want to live a fulfilled life.

I mean, it baffled me that in just few weeks, I was able to discover my purpose through her help. That was after listening to talks and reading books on purpose discovery without results.

Sometimes, we just need a guide and that was exactly what Mrs. Rachael did for me. I knew I needed to discover my purpose but I didn’t know how until God brought her my way. And I have never regretted meeting her kind of person.

Mrs. Rachael is a Professional Purpose Discovery and Career Mentor. She is down to earth, empathic, honest, patient and simple by nature. She is simply amazing and a gift to this generation and generations to come. To crown it all, she is a lover of God.

What Can I Do for You?

Are you: An individual, A business owner, A government official , A representative of a company, an organization or institution?

I will help you

Ascertain what exactly is your purpose in life

Identify a business that matches your personality and aligns with your specific life’s purpose

Build a brand that stands out globally

Stand out in a highly competitive market

I will show you how to make your agency, ministry or parastatal more relevant, productive and profitable to the ruling government, you yourself and the masses?

Also, I’m a go-to person when it comes to;

Showing you how to maximize your employees’ productivity 

Helping undergraduate and postgraduate students master the art of birthing, developing and maximizing highly innovative ideas for business, leadership and other good cause?

Whether you are from Nigeria, other parts of Africa or beyond, Rachael knows her onion in helping you achieve the above and more.

Need Advice?

Worry no more. You just landed the right place. Whether you are from Nigeria, other parts of Africa or beyond, Rachael is the go-to person for your very need.