Let me help you ascertain WHO you are and WHY you are who you are; then help you innovate your way to global relevance

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What I Do

…helping visionary entrepreneurs build globally relevant brands using their personality specifics and highly innovative business ideas.

I Coach.

I partner and share with you in a manner that inspires and arouses highly innovative thoughts within you, all to ensure you optimize your personal and professional potentials in ways you least expected.

I Mentor.

I help you discover yourself as well as your Specific life’s purpose and full potentials. I help you develop all that you have discovered and then show you how to deploy them to solving high paying problems using skills and approaches that meet global standards.

I Train

I help you master the step-by-step processes of birthing and developing highly innovative solutions that have global implication, applicability and appeal. I show you how to initiate, adapt to and maximize change for personal, professional and organizational advancement and much more. To ensure this sinks in, I take you as an individual, or the members of your organization through inductive learning processes. I employ effective adult learning approaches to give you optimal learning experiences.

Need Advice?

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My Books & Courses

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My Story

Rachael Ginikachukwu Onyemairo (Mrs.) is a Ph.D student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka where she studies Applied Linguistics. She is the the Director of the famous online business institution known as INNOVATORS iSPACE and the CEO of a tech-based business firm called Digital Spotlight Consults.She is a Social Entrepreneur who authored the bestseller, WHY THE YOU?Rachael is passionate about curbing the high rate of Africa’s unemployment. Consequently, she has helped thousands of young people discover their purposes, develop through relevant trainings like STEM and others, what they have discovered and deploy them to solving high paying problems outstandingly.